Massone Mechanical Provides A Large Variety of Commericial Refrigeration Brands




Massone Mechanical provides commercial refrigeration solutions in the San Francisco Bay Area for diverse cooling needs and will work closely with you, regardless of whether you own a small convenience store or a large supermarket.

The safety level and freshness of food products can make all the difference. For high quality food storage it is essential that you have quality refrigeration and you can rely on us to keep things cool for you. Over the years we have accumulated vast experience in this field and are able to provide high standards for air conditioning equipment and refrigeration systems. With superb construction, reliable and high quality designs, we will ensure long lasting performance for your systems.

Massone Mechanical offers a wide range of systems with a large variety of styles to choose from, for example:

  • Storage coolers and freezers
  • Service counters
  • Islands and cases
  • Self-Contained cabinets
  • Refrigeration controls
  • Custom rack systems


We offer a reliable selection of system accessories, turnkey solutions, maintenance and remote monitoring services than can help ensure lower operation costs, preserve your products, and keep them maintained as needed. Our refrigeration choices are not just energy efficient and highly functional, they are also green. Not only will your products be safe and well protected, but you will also be helping the environment.





The modern 21st century has come a long way when it comes to environmental consciousness, with various industries now following this trend. Over ten percent of all the energy that is being used in the United States today comes from industrial and commercial buildings, and the cruel reality shows us that energy prices are not getting any cheaper. It becomes very clear why there is a huge importance to control energy consumption and make every dollar count.

With Massone Mechanical you will receive the best treatment.  We will not only work with you each step of the way in order to analyze your facility (discovering the best ways possible to ensure maximum energy efficiency) but we will reduce your operational costs. All of our customers have seen for themselves that the solutions for energy savings we offer pay for themselves after just a couple of years. There are three major steps that we will take to save energy:


  1. Analyze–  The first thing that must be done when it comes to saving energy it to understand where you spend most of your energy, and where you waste it. Before doing anything else, we will analyze your facility’s current energy profile. We will then evaluate where savings are most cost effective for your facility.
  2. Equipment Audit– It is important to know what equipment you have in your building(s). Some of your equipment may need upgrades which could result in drastic energy savings. You will have plenty of detailed saving tips and advice on how to reduce bills coming from your energy provider.
  3.  Discovery and Design – The third step towards achieving energy efficiency is a systematic process called retro commissioning. During this process we will work with you on discovering equipment and systems in your facility that have low performance, and subsequently suggesting key repairs and enhancements of your devices that will ensure lower costs and higher energy savings.
We discover best ways possible to ensure maximum energy efficiency.
A refrigeration system is much more complex and consists of many different components which must be properly tuned and installed so that they can all work together making the whole system work flawlessly.




The same rules apply for both replacing inefficient systems and for equipping a brand new space. The key to having an efficient system lies in proper installation and design. When it comes to these kinds of systems there are a lot of things involved, and unlike many other appliances, simply putting them in place and turning them on is not going to cut it. A refrigeration system is much more complex and consists of many different components which must be properly tuned and installed so that they can all work together making the whole system work flawlessly.

At Massone Mechanical we have expert installation standards and using the top quality parts we can easily install customized systems in commercial facilities. While ensuring optimal health and safety, our experienced and highly trained personnel will make sure that you receive a satisfying installation experience. A properly installed system will be efficient and cost effective, making the most of the energy spent.

Depending on the needs you have, we can install many different configurations in order to produce the best results possible, while at the same time incorporating it seamlessly into the overall facility layout and footprint. Our technicians are capable of specifying the needed units, evaporators, power distribution components and control systems in order to create the desired climate for your space. The amount of experience that we possess in the construction of refrigeration systems gives us access to great knowledge of the different cooling options, which will meet your desired results while maintaining safe operation.

A proper installation is important, however, it is also important that your systems are working properly. This is why we offer professional monitoring and maintenance, which will ensure that you utilize your systems to their fullest potential.





Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of products and services to satisfy our customers refrigeration needs. We provide creative customized solutions with the personal touch of our highly trained and motivated personnel. We manage our business with the highest ethical standards resulting in a company where fairness, trust, and integrity govern our customer relations and the way we do business. We pride ourselves on establishing lasting relationships built on quality.

Local to You

Massone Mechanical was established in 1990 to provide Service, Maintenance, and Installation to top tier refrigeration Commercial Businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Owner of Massone was born and raised in the East Bay and is an advocate of community based partnerships.  We have had relationships with several of our customers that span 20 plus years.

Reducing Energy Cost

Massone was an early pioneer in reducing energy cost with a proprietary design process. Our case studies show consistent savings with our designs in comparison to traditional refrigeration systems.





Please contact us directly to learn more about our new customer process. Included are only a few reasons our customers have communicated why they prefer Massone Mechanical to other commercial refrigeration companies.


  • Trust: Our Customers are entitled to service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Each incoming call is answered by a Live Person. Dispatch to our customer locations average 2 hours or less.
  • Verification: Massone Service Verification Process is a multi step process that promotes accuracy without adding to job time.
  • Affordable Service Contracts: Maintain your investment with monthly or quarterly maintenance that extends that life your equipment.
  • Authorized Sales, Repair, and Warranty: Massone services Top-Tier Product lines including Hoshizaki, Manitwoc and many others.
  • Custom Database: Massone Customer Database identifies short and long term potential savings along with trend analysis.
  • Experience: Our Service Technicians and Management Team have over 150 years of combined experience.

Massone Mechanical appreciates and values your Business.  For new concerns or requests:

  • Contact Us to submit request regarding your Account.
  • Call our Main Office at 925-945-8501 and speak with our Customer Service Team.
  • Inquire about affordable Maintenance Contracts or Renewals.
  • Inquire about additional Services and Equipment.

Welcome to Massone Mechanical. We place high priority on new customers. For Service please choose from the following: 

  • Contact Us and complete the form and a Massone team member will contact you during our normal business hours.
  • Call our Office at 925-945-8501 and our Customer Service Team will complete your profile.
  • After Hours use 925-945-8501 for Emergency Service.
  • Note: Overtime Rates apply for After Hours or Weekends. A full understanding of Fees and Terms will be provided prior to Service.

Massone Mechanical designs and installs custom Commercial Refrigeration Projects. We work closely with Owner, Engineers and Architects from inception to finished Project.

     This includes:

  • Commercial Real Estate Building Services
  • Factory Food Service with Commercial Packaging
  • Cold Beverage Storage including Wine and Spirits
  • Restaurant, Franchise, or Catering
  • Walk In Freezers and Coolers
  • Medical or Hospital
  • Contact Mike or Anthony @ 925-945-8501

If you need immediate repair or service from a product purchased directly or referred by an OEM Supplier please call our Office or complete the form here.

Massone Mechanical is authorized repair partner for Hoshizaki and Manitowoc.


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